New or regenerated starter

Starter regeneration saves up to 50%!

Starter is a device that is subject to wear and that requires repairs. Usually, buying a new starter entails much higher costs. Quite often it is even a few times more than in case of regeneration. Hence, a question could be asked, whether to have the starter regenerated, or to buy a new one? This question is difficult and depends on individual needs. Specialists usually suggest that the user should have the device regenerated, provided that it is practicable, but the final decision depends on many factors. What to choose, then – a new, or a regenerated starter?

For many years, parts that are worn to a small extent, have been regenerated, as this is usually more profitable. This solution is used in different areas, not only in the automotive industry. If the old part can still be used and does not lower the efficiency of the whole system, it is worth having it repaired. Used parts can be bought even about 50% cheaper and the equipment life can be prolonged for nearly as long as the exploitation of a completely new part. So, if you are still pondering whether to buy a new, or a regenerated starter, choose the option that will be most profitable for you.

New or regenerated starter?

In terms of the dilemma related to choosing between buying a new starter or having the old one regenerated, you can hear arguments from those, who are against used parts. It results from the fact that many people are afraid that the regenerated part will be less efficient than a new starter. However, it is worth remembering that individual parts of technical components cannot be simply divided into the category of old and new. Regeneration is usually mistaken for repair, which explains why there are so many negative opinions in that matter. Before you make the decision, you should get to know all the options, as well as the key differences between them.

Regenerated starter is as functional and efficient, as a new part is. What is more, it is also worth knowing the details related to the assembly of regenerated car parts, where the parts of used elements are exploited. Regeneration process guarantees such efficiency and productivity of the starter, as in the case of factory-made components. To assure the user that the parts are of 100% quality and durability, they are completely disassembled and cleaned, followed by the examination of the starer’s wear and damage. These actions guarantee that both the regenerated and a new starter will work similarly.

Choose wisely between a regenerated and a new starter

Disassembly and further regeneration steps allow for a complete examination of the given starter. Thanks to our diagnostics and careful control tests, all necessary functions and efficiency are maintained on the desired level. Thus, when making the decision between a regenerated and a new starter, you can be sure that these solutions will not differ in terms of efficiency and functionality, and the basic difference between them is only the price.

If you choose a regenerated starter from our company, you can be sure that you get a product of the highest quality that will meet your expectations. If you want to save money – don’t hesitate. If you analyse all pros and cons and consult the issue of regeneration with qualified specialists, you will surely make a satisfying decision.