New or regenerated alternator

Choose responsibly and go for regeneration

Starter and alternator failures occur suddenly, although the first symptoms that “something is wrong” can be observed much earlier. However, when a failure occurs, first you think about getting a replacement car and second, about the price of the repair. The problems related to alternator failure do not have to entail the need to buy a new part. Thanks to specialists’ help, other solutions are available. Still, a lot of people struggle with making the decision, whether to buy a new alternator or to have the old one regenerated. Fortunately, the latter option is becoming more popular.

Alternator has a crucial task in the process of car exploitation, as it generates the power necessary for proper engine functions. It is closely related to the car battery and starter, which are finally necessary for starting the car. Each of those components can fail, yet it is usually not necessary to buy new parts. If you are still thinking, which to choose, a new or a regenerated alternator, don’t hesitate too long, because time works against you. The sooner you have your alternator regenerated, the better it is for you.

New or regenerated alternator?

Cheap substitutes may not provide expected efficiency, so it is beneficial to have your alternator regenerated. According to specialists, most electrical and mechanical damages can be repaired at a low cost, so why not use this solution? Of course, compared to a regenerated alternator, a new one can be a more certain solution for many people, but if you want to save money, do not be afraid of having your alternator regenerated.

The most common failure within an alternator is the damage of voltage regulator. If the voltage is too high or too low, the fuses can burn or the elements of electrical system can get damaged. What is more, the alternator can be susceptible to mechanical damages, which can be recognised by unpleasant sound during driving. The faster you react, the more possible it is to have the alternator regenerated cheaply and efficiently, which will enable smooth operation of the car.

Is it worth choosing a regenerated alternator, or a new part?

Alternator construction is not complicated, but it does not mean that everyone can fix it. If you suspect that there has been a failure, consult a specialist, who will analyse the problem and determine, if it is worth choosing a regenerated alternator, or buying a new one. Usually, the former is recommended, as it allows you to save quite a lot of money. If you decide to have your alternator regenerated in a tried garage, you do not have to be afraid of reducing efficiency or wrongly chosen components.

Regardless of whether you choose a regenerated, or a new alternator, visit a specialist, because only in an experienced garage will each component be tested to guarantee that the alternator is ready for further use.